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Warhammer 40K Terminators


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Hi. Yes, the Terminators originally didnt have the Cyclone. In fact, initially, they only have the basic set (box of eight which was awsome and remains one of my favourite boxed sets of all time). The close combat variants were introduced later, then the Cyclone. The organic one that you mention is the metal one here. The box one reflected the redesigned Whirlwind of the time, and is the plastic variant.


Your Cyclones do have the targetter arms - the left arm - this was really an effort by GW to stop power gamers arming them with three weapons! :upside:


The reason for listing the rare ones in pairs is that you are likely to get a better price. Fewer people will want six of these in a single lot, and if they do they can bid on three lots. As an example, the other rare Terminator variant is here:




I would guess that the rare Terminators alone will get you around 45 dollars in total!


I am afraid that the psyker is actually the Librarian, not a Grey Knight.


As someone who does almost all of his 40k fig buying off of eBay...


And is attempting to keep the eBay Epic market alive single-handedly! ::D:


The Sole Legends pages that you need are here (and this should be the miniature enthusiasts code book):










All the best.

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Thanks for the help with these CS ::D:

So if I understand everything correctly none of the newer ones are grey knights then, just regular terminators basically with an inquisiter thown in based off a pic in the last link? or is that the libraian your referring to?


So as least its safe to say I can list the older ones as rare or early version terminators then



Thanks for the selling tip Epicenter, I'll just soak these guys down some more to get more of the paint off, carb cleaner does wonders, this was only about a 5 min strip on each :poke:



ok, after looking at the guy in the lower left I see what you are talking about with him being a librarian, got all that extra stuff all over his armor ::P:

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Necro post!!!


I joined this forum like 10 years too late.


The first picture are of the most rare Space Marine Termiantor miniatures made, they were sold as a space marine unit, prior to the first Termiantor lead boxed set, they were advertised in the UK White Dwarf way before there was a US release as the Space Marine "Ultimate Terminator" I think they were UK only with some unofficial US distribution. I never saw them in a US retail store at the time, I bought 4 used at conventions in the really early 90's. These pre-date the old Citadel catalogs, I put in an order for about $2,000.00 worth of lead figs for my local gaming group long distance through the bits boyz by mail order, pre-internet and they had already lost the molds on those.


The second picture, left to right, Cyclone Terminator, Cyclone Terminator, Inquisitor Daemon Hunter with Psy-Cannon arm and Force Rod Arm, Lightning Claw Term, The left arms are covered on your back row guys, but if memory serves, and I am seeing the angle of the arms on the two int eh back row I'll say that is a Storm Bolter Chain Fist, ThunderHammer, Storm Bolter Power fist, Librarian with Force Axe, Flamer Marine, Lightning Claws.


I spent years and years scouring forums for anyone that had seen the "Ultimate Terminator" fig annd came up with bupkis over and over, pretty neat to see someoen stumbled into a half dozen of them by accident here. I hope they found good homes, they are ultra rare and very, very cool to those who know what they are, some of the most unique 40k figs floating around.


Some day I need to paint up my Zoats :)

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