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Urban Terror at Reaper


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First step: download Urban Terror, a total mod of Quake 3.


Second step: manually connect to from within the game. Team Deathmatch.


Third step: wait for 15 other reaper peeps to join in. I have 16 slots available on a unpublished server. To abuse the saying, "What happens at Reaper stays at Reaper."


Organize game times here. This is the office bandwidth, so if it starts choking the internet order downloads, I have to yank it. But feel free to hammer on it for a while.


SaintRigger, I'm counting on you. (He turned me on to the game, and it was, in fact, his idea to get the Reaper Peeps in on some matches.)

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I dunno - I've been playing on a dallas server at night before I go to bad lately. Look for SaintRigger - that is me. I suck, I just like expending tons of ammo.


Even a weekly fragfest would be fun :D


I'd love to play reaper staff vs forum members some time.

Or "Frag Bryan even if he is on your own team"

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How do I connect to Reapers server? I tried creating a new favorite, but when I click ok nothing happens. And now when I just try to find servers on the internet nothing shows up. What did I do?



Open Quake3

Choose Multiplayer

Choose Specify Server

Enter in in the I.P field

Click Fight

Start shooting....I will be the one with the most points yelling "YEEEE!"

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