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Urban Terror at Reaper


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I'm thinking that might be good.


I wonder if I can get Jenna to play if I let her use my laptop.


For those of you with old equipment, fear not. The engine actually runs pretty well on older machines, we just got it running on an old Dell with a GeForce with around 80 FPS.

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Incredible!!! Awesome!!!! Fun!!!!!


I havn't played Q in years, and I am so going to practice. Saint took me out with a knife from behind (the ultimate insult to my playing abilities) and I took a page out of Pulp Fiction when I surprised two of them and emptied a 30 round mag on them POINT BLANK and never scored a hit!!!!!!


The maps are incredible and the action smooth.


I'll see if we can get Kit to to set up a TS for us as well.

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