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Urban Terror at Reaper


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I wish it was so. I've not played a FPS since Doom 1.


I expect to be butchered.


You too? And I remember playing Doom on my 486 25-mega hertz processor with 4 mb of RAM. That was a blazing fast machine there... :lol:


So, playing on this game was hard for me to get a hang of aiming with a mouse. And there is no chain saw! I mean really, a knife? :devil:


Wild Bill :blues:

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Thanks for showing me how this thing works dargrin. My game crashed when trying to load the next map, and it's 2am here so I'm just gonna go to bed now. It was fun.


I do need to get better though.... it's a bad sign when I have to wait till you've killed enough of me to have run out of ammo.

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