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HirstArts dungeons - interior walls eating up floorspace?

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Hey Thes,


Don't worry about my dial-up connection - I do most of my checking of the forums etc., from the high-speed comfort of my office anyhow. I think I mentioned how working on the mainframe gives me enough downtime while I wait for my jobs to run that I can get away with this and not have my productivity suffer... If it were really a big deal, I'd get the rural high-speed option I've been getting flyers in the mail for lately (it's some kind of 2-way dish that goes on the roof, I think - we're too far from the phone company CO to get DSL and there's no cable running through our area so...). As it stands, by the time I get home from work most days, the last thing on my mind is getting back on the computer. Too busy at home, with a 22-month old son & 6 1/2 months-pregnant wife to wrangle/fend off/placate... The time I actually have to myself when I could be checking stuff online is a mercilessly brief window that begins when my son falls asleep and ends when I stagger off to bed after a couple hours of TV/painting/reading/smoking in my wood shed. I do still intend to check out that Higher Ground Games site Rastl mentioned though, even if it does mean a little slow surfing on my own time... Thanks for the pix & all the suggestions, everyone!


Over this past weekend, I got together with the DM of the campaign with the castle and we did some thinking and drawing and playing with blocks and tiles, and came up with a workable (IMO) solution. I think we are going to end up stretching the castle by a few inches on all sides (exact amount depending on how many interior walls get crossed by an imaginary line drawn from one side to the other), then begin construction of the tightest, most cramped areas and smallest rooms toward the center of the castle first, making sure nothing we build causes any room in our castle to have to give up floor space to accommodate the walls. This will mean that other rooms may possibly end up getting a little bit bigger than they were designed to be, but we'd rather live with a bit of extra room in the big rooms than losing space in the smaller rooms. Extra empty space is one thing, but running out of room for minis is quite another! Hopefully that will work out OK even though we will end up having to compromise and do a little tweaking of the published map in the end.


If we ever do actually start building, I'll be sure to post some pictures of our work for those who are interested.


Thanks again everyone!





R.I.P., E.G.G.

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Here is an idea that might work for you. Cut sections of foam core detail and paint them up like your interior walls. You could do this in one or two inch sections. Glue these down onto a clear plastic foot from a blister pack for stability. That should give you a modular fix that you can use to make different layouts at will. Depending on the width of the foam core (I have seen it down to 3/16th inch) it should not take up hardly any floor space for play. Hope that helps.

Snitchy sends.

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Piggy backing off Snitchy here; you could print off walls, doors, etc and adhere those to the suggested foam core or even a heavy weight card stock. Then mount to the clear plastic bases suggested. Now they would only be as wide as a thick line on a battle grid. Plus you won't HAVE to paint up every interior wall; unless you really like that aspect.


You can find some neat paper models on WotC and other places on the web. Rework them in your favorite graphics manipulation software, print, cut, glue, and game on! :D



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