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I like your work, and I want you to do better, so I'm going to pick on a few things.


In the second picture, I can see some serious mold lines on her shoulder, scabbard, and bow. You want to file those down with needle files before painting begins.


Her face - I'm not really sure. It seems chalky, and I'm guessing you paint is too thick. Are you thinning with distilled water and some flow improver and extender?


Shading is lacking, and it's especially evident on the yellow. For a piece like this, I would start with a fairly pale yellow, then wash with some medium orange. Finish with some thin, pale yellow on the highlights.


The base could be better. I used to make the same mistake of thinking that nothing could look more like natural rocks than natural rocks, but the problem is the scale. I recommend painting the sand, and painting the rocks. I know it sounds silly, but after I did that my bases looked much better. Also, be careful about using round rocks. If you go to a place with rocks that large, you'll notice that they are partly buried, and not concave underneath. I use rocks with a flat side, and make sure the flat side is down to look more natural.


Finally, metallics seem to be my pet peeve, because I see so many people make the same mistake. Just because metallics are shiny does not mean the will highlight themselves. There are 2 ways to do metallics: paint thin metallic, then wash blue/brown/orange/whatever over them, or paint yellow/brown or gray, highlight as normally, and then lay down a thin layer of metallic to provide the correct sheen.


Well, there's NMM, so I suppose that's 3.


I really need to finish my tutorial on this. It isn't finished, and needs a complete re-write, but maybe this will help some: http://www.hacklopedia.com/Miniatures/tuto..._tutorial.shtml


The red hair looks great, and red hair is hard to do. Really a nice job there.


I hope this helps, and I wasn't too hard on you.

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