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Andrea 90mm Classic Historical


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A little more work done on him this morning, getting close to being done I think. All I really have left is the highlighting on the pants and jacket and his skin. After that should just be down to the touch up phase.


Has a bit of a gloss look from the oils, used a thinned down wash to get the gritty realistic look going somemore. Thats what I an shooting for at least. I dont care much for the clean, band new feel. Just doesnt fit the mini or the situation he is suppose to be in. Will probably have to add in just a touch of blood as well.

Will probably go back and re-highlight some of the white just a bit as well







Thanks, let me know what you think or if I need to change something/ fix



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Dude, this looks great! I love that movie "Zulu Dawn" and have watched it probably 10 times! You're making me want to buy this kit too!


Excellent job on the weathering and texture. I know it's odd, but one of the first things that I took notice of was the meal sacks. Great job making them look like dirty burlap, with stains, etc. Of course, everything else looks great too; they are just a specific part of the model I'm keying on.


The only thing I'd suggest is the following: You said you were pretty close to getting done. Are you going to push the shading\highlighting\definition on the pith helmet at all? All of the seams give an excellent opportunity to do some cool picking out of the detail with shading and highlighting.


Here's a fun link someone told me about awhile back:




Last summer on vacation, I saw one of my friends wearing a brand-new, very cool-looking pith helmet, and I immediately asked him "Where the heck did you get that???" He replied "Pithhelmets.com! Me and so-n-so sit around when we're in camp with brandys going 'Damn the savages!! Damn the heat!!" (said with an appropriate fake British accent, of course). It was hilarious. I have a soft spot in my heart for pith helmets since my dad had one that he got while in the Air Force. He used to always wear it when he was out gardening or pruning trees in the summer - lots of fond memories...


This guy reminds me of that sergeant. I can just hear him saying "All right now! Nobody told you to stop workin'!"

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Thanks for the link Gowestover! No, I'm not done with it at all. I have a bad habit of using the head as a finger point so its usally the last thing I paint. Going to give the helmit a more kaki tint like the pics, was going to go with a white/ tan but I like slight green tint better.


Guess when I say I'm almost done it means about 3 or 4 more hours of work and then the oils still need to dry too, I'm looking at about a week on it still :rolleyes:


I love both of the movies as well, suppose thats why I went with this kit. A good chunk of change though, about $70 but very cool none the less.


I'll try and get a post up here maybe tomorrow with some of the highlighting/ shadding. The oils will be wet still and shiney but at least you can see the work on it.

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Had a fight with the epoxy I was using to glue him to the base and some other parts, the epoxy won. <_<


This is a complete redo from the other posted pics I was working on. I get really picky with my work at times and thought it was best just to start over from scratch then try and cover stuff up, especialy since this hero is going on ebay when he is done.


Still have some work to do, the pants mainly and weathering on the boots and pack. Will go back and hightlight a few things as well to bring out the color after the oils washes he got to give the grungy look he has. I really going for the haggard worn look on him to give the feel of the battle he was in. Will throw in a bit of blood as well in some areas.

Still some work to do on the skin as well, but overall he his getting close to being done, another day or so depending on my schedual.


Comments or suggestions?






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Ack, can't believe you had to start over, he was coming along so nicely. ::o:


BTW, my husband and I loved your Carina paintjob so much, we went and bought Alayne and Dalena from Solarwind, plus some Reaper Master paints. I don't feel brave enough to try oils right now :-).

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Thank you! ::D: Sold her to a guy in Germany a couple weeks ago. I like both of those that you picked up Citrine, was considering picking up Alayne myself. I think you may have a bit of trouble doing some stuff that big unless you use an air brush or oils. Might want to experiment around with something before trying them, the bigger kits like this are a whole different ball game. If you have any questions feel free to ask, no problem at all.


Went to the site and found this baby, man I'm in love! :wub:

This is definatly my next purchase once I finsihd a few things going on right now.


Friggin awsome babe!


yeah, wasnt to happy about starting over but is coming out better in the long run I think, he is still rough around the edges but will shape up nicely I think.


Thanks again

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Got some more work done on him tonight. Now he he starting to look like the A** kicking NCO I expected he would. The glossy look is the wet oils, that will be gone once I get the dull coat on him. Still a bit of touch up to do on the paints and boots, minor stuff now after he dries for a day or so.


I like that one as well PTF, have to admit I like the whole line of those Karnstein vampire girls.








Thanks for all your comments

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Was digging around looking for some info for when I post this guy for sale and thought I would put a link up for anyone that doesnt know about the actual battle and what happened there. Very good reading if you are into this sort of thing.

From the movie it gives the impression of alot more dead Zulu's than the number listed, but that isnt counting wounded who usally out number KIA's about 3 or 4 to one. Very impressive for only 104 troops when you think about the numbers and the situation.


Thanks asnd enjoy,



Rorke's drift battle site

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Finished him up the other night and have him posted on show off, thanks for following along and the input, Hope you enjoy him. Was a very cool peice to paint up and plan on working on some more historical stuff in the future I think.



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