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Warlord Cavern Crawl


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Finally some shots of the almost complete cavern before painting. Would have been earlier but I contracted a little OCD about the pieces lining up flush. I gave up and will hopefully deal with it as is. Covering my living room with foam bits while watching MST3K...it was a good week/weekend. :)





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Geek.kon was this weekend and it was a blast. I didn't get to hang around as long as I wanted to with the crawl, but I was very tired. Work on this thing went so fast, I never had time to stop and photo any of it past the sculpting phase. None of the models are really of an interesting quality so I didn't try to take WIP shots of those. This is all still a WIP, since I eventually want to get all of the loot markers handmade (right now using cardstock items).


Here's what the setup was on Saturday:




And since he's very much a WIP, here's a quickie of ol' Rauthuros



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