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Reven Army Abilities

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Yeah it's an ability of the all Goblin Sublist. These are all their abilities.


Noghra (Goblin) Sublist


Goblin Horde

All Leader Models without Mob/# gain Mob/5.

Leader models with Mob may add 5 to their

existing Mob capacity. All Grunt Models gain

the Mob SA. Additionally, Support Bonuses

are capped at +5 instead of +3.

Mob Mentality

Whenever a Model with the Mob SA must

make a DIS check for making B2B contact with

an enemy Model, it receives +1 to this roll

for every friendly Model that is also in B2B

contact with the target Model, and also a +1

bonus to this check for every friendly Model

making a charge action against the same target

Model this Action Phase.


No Command Structure

An all Goblin list ignores the “Chain of

Command” rules, and therefore does not

require Captains or a Warlord (even for large

games that normally require a Warlord).


You be Leader, no YOU be Leader

Any Soldier Model may become a Leader and

gain Troop Capacity “4-6/0” when leading a

Troop with at least 3 other Models that also

use its own original Data Card. The Leader

Goblin Model should be marked in some way

to distinguish it from the other Goblins.

Hey! We Come Too!

All Leader Models (including Soldiers that are

now made Leaders) gain “/1” to their Troop

value, thus allowing them to take one Elite

Model. Leader Models that could already take

Elites gain no further benefi t.

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On page 30 it details what models can be taken in the sublist.

Army List Name: Goblin (Noghra) Sublist


Restrictions: The following Models only:

Gronkelfi bbets and Mazak

Ogg, Captain

Neek, Sergeant

Gonda, Cleric

Lunk, Mage

Skralla, Unq. Rogue

Harpy, Adept

Goblin Ranger, Adept

Goblin Beastrider, Grunt

Goblin Skeeter, Grunt

Goblin Warrior, Grunt

Hill Giant, Monster

Models that change to Non-Unique/Grunt:

Ogg, Captain

Goblin Beastrider, Grunt

Hill Giant, Monster

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"You be Leader, no YOU be Leader"


Does this ability apply both to army building and during play?

I'm pretty sure once the leader is identified, they are the leader of the troop for the remainder of the game. If that wasn't the case they wouldn't need to be marked in some way.

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Essentially you have a leader in each troop just like normal, except the leaders statistics are those of a regular Goblin, and that Goblin has a Troop Capacity of 4-6/0 (although it is really 4-6/1 because of Hey! we come too! and don't forget the model gains mob leader/5 because of the Goblin Horde rule).

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Once the leader is assigned, he remains the leader for the rest of the game. Once the assigned leader is killed, the troop is treated as if it was leaderless for purposes of cohesion, etc.


A leader from another troop could potentially absorb them, but you cannot have a field promotion and say, well, bob is dead, jim, you're now the boss.

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