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Spider Woman WIP

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I've not done a multi part before so would like some advice on how best to archive that.


Since the photo's have been taken I have reworked the hair/extrusions so they are more practical for casting.


I've re-done the legs to be slightly smaller. (Yes I've done 8 of them)


The net (left hand) I will replace with an open hand for end users to use their own net or a shield - I think thats the best solution for that.


She's in kit form now! so before I put her together add the muscle and bulk and dress her up.


(wow sound like loads left to do when i put it like that)


I'd like any advice off anyone with experience on what I need to consider to make a good multi piece.


















aka Crazycavey


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My only complaint is with the face. It seems very rough and lacking eye details. Might be the photos though.



No your right they are empty sockets ATM, she also needs a brushing down and some polishing up. But all making good stuff.


I am really unsure as to how best to split her for making a mold.


It may be better for me to finish her fully. And ask a mold maker. But what I don't want to do is finish her and have... well it would have been better if you had built it like.... as the first thing that I get told.

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