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Yet another option...


Sculpey is generally cheaper than resin (or close to it...definitely less hassle).


You can get various shape shooters which work with the polymer clays like Sculpey - many of which would work well enough straight away as crystals. Save you the hassle of carving the hardened clay. I have a few different varieties of shooters (some are press like, others look more like a syringe). They all have a hexagon shaped die for squeezing the clay out of.


Even with just taking the Sculpey and rolling it out into sausages, you can use a flat surface and make the hexagons out of it fairly easily. Use a knife to slice the ends and you are good to go.


Grading of natural crystals is based on the number of inclusions and fractures in the crystals. The best crystals will be eye-clean of any inclusions, near colorless with no fractures. Crystals of this nature will be A to A+ grade. The cost of crystals will vary depending on the Grade and the source. Crystals mined in one country might be far cheaper than in another country even though they are of an equal grade.


Easy enough. The bags are labeled as a product of Brazil - so they probably are less costly than others of the same grading. Most of them are fairly clear, though there is some frosting near the base.

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