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Converted Trollblood

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I've been converting this guy from the reaper Clay golem by shaving off the nose and ears and greening up the chin stubble and quills. I like how he's turning out, but I'm dissappointed in the way the tartan pattern turned out. I'm adding a harpoon on a chain wrapped around his wrist as soon as I can find some small link chain again. The tribal tatoos were some of my first tatoo work, and I'm pretty happy with them.



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wow, that actually turned out pretty darn sweet.

the only thing i dont like are his christmas underoos :)


Yeah, I'm working on that. It'll look better done up as a proper tartan, the pattern was painted on his He-Man shorts just to see how it looked. Back to the painting palette with that one. On the good news front, I found a chain w/ dimensions I like, so that bit should be finished up soon. Now I just have to green a skirt...splutter... I mean kilt on him. :)

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He looks like something from Oddworld. In a good way. Like a macho Abe.


Here here to the kilt. Possibly, you could sculpt a cloth more similar to those worn by the other Trollblood figs (the sash that ties around his waist and covers his loins). Overall, I think you've done a smashing job.

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