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minis for BFG


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most of my games are around 1500 pts. You can squeeze a BB into that but it's tight. Biggest I've ever played is 5k and it took awhile. In my experience, most people don't take enough escorts. The main reason cited is the fragility. But shots directed at escorts are shots not taken on your cruisers. I almost always give better than I get with my escorts, which is why I have 2 full squadrons of each type (3 in the case of Imperials.


Now I want to play BFG...crap!

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It depends on the type of fleet that you play. Eldar fleets emphasise Escorts, and most fleets consist of a higher proportion of the smaller vessels. 1500 points gives a good game. In games with my Chaos fleet, I usually take mostly Cruisers/Grand Cruisers with a could of squadrons of Escorts.


BFG is one of the only games where the 'intro scenario' with only two Cruisers on each side is still a great game for experienced players. We still play that one.

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how's this for a 1k Chaos fleet?


Styx, Murder, Devestation, and Slaughter Cruisers

2x Infidel and 4x Iconoclast Escorts


Maybe too heavy on cruisers? Drop the Slaughter in favor of some more escorts?


That'd run me something like $125 to purchase all of them...


What's been your experience with lists running at 750ish? I could probably do that with two cruisers and a handful of escorts for half the cost. But would it be any good?


That might look like:


Styx and Murder Cruisers

2x each of Infidel and Iconoclast Escorts.

More like $75.

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