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Warlord models going solo?

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Hey. Some friends and I recently started Warlord and I was wondering about something.


Can you take your warlord model by himself or does he have to lead a troop? I was under the impression that you had to have the outrider sa to do this but my friend is pretty sure you dont. I couldnt find anything that talks directly about it, so any help would be appreciated.

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The core rulebook addresses troop building, but it pretty much plays out like this:


Models with the "Troop: x-yy/z" stat on the top of their card are leaders. Leaders MUST lead a troop that has x to yy models in it. The z tells you how many elites that leader can have in his troop.


Warlords cannot be a solo. If a warlord becomes a solo through the use of a SA it's status is changed to Monster or Solitaire.


An example of this is Rauthuros the Great Demon from the darkspawn faction. He has the Outrider SA. When used he does not count as an Warlord.


In short, Warlords are leaders.

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