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Proprietary names for monsters


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It's a safe bet that most Reaper-philes know what the conjunctivus and bathalians are, but how did driders make it onto the Darkspawn list without getting a new identity? :rock: I would have thought that, like the other two, "drider" is a proprietary name that belongs to WOTC and that Reaper would have had to call them something else. Anyway, I'm eager to see what the new eye flayer and mind tyrant will look like (hopefully some new sculpts and not already-released DHL models -- although I do think that as a general rule, bringing DHL models into Warlord is a great idea).

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Thanks for the reply, Russ, but I'm not sure you understood my question. I'll try rephrasing.


My understanding of why Reaper uses names like "bathalian" for what is obviously a mind flayer is to avoid legal problems with Wizards of the Coast because the term "mind flayer" is their intellectual property. I was surprised that two of the new Darkspawn models have "drider" in their name since drider is also presumably part of WOTC's intellectual property. So, the question is: why has Reaper avoided using the names beholder (a.k.a., conjunctivus) and mind flayer (a.k.a., bathalian), but not avoided "drider?"

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Yep, next time I update the PDFs, they'll be called Spider Centaurs. It was a complete mistake for me to have left the 'drider' name on the card. ::(:

We have got to come up with a better name than that. It's just so simple and unoriginal.


How about Kshers? Arach'Ksher! Arachnid for the spider bit and Ksher means evil one in elvish that I found online.

Arach'Ksher Archer

Arach'Ksher Warrior

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Well, I certainly can't disagree that 'spider centaur' is boring and predictable. Can you (or anyone) come up with some other suggestions? Something maybe easier to pronounce than "Arach'Ksher"? :lol:

It was easy to pronounce when I was clicking the little button on the page that said the word for me :)


We could trim it down to "Arak'sher" or "Araker".

I think they should have hard to pronounce names since no one really understands the darkspawn... They shouldn't understand their names either :P


Here are some others:

Oktid (I like this because it is the backwards spelling of the last name of the original artist of the spider man comics Steve Ditko (i think) )

Soktid (adding the first letter of his first name makes it sound less octupus like.


Arctosa (this is a type of wolf spider, the name sounds cool.)


Arachneur (a combination of the spider in a greek mythology story and centaur)

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