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March 2008, 3:00 AM.


Your parents wake you up. You are drowsy, confused, tired. They are running frantically about, but you have no idea where or why. The only words they speak to you are two solemn commands: "get dressed" and "hurry".


You are rushed to your family wagon, but upon stepping outside your house, you notice there is a ruckus in the air. Your neighbors are scrambling for their cars as well. People are running wildly in the streets, screaming, yelling. There are sirens in the distance. Helicopters are flying overhead. Spotlights shine down from these gyrating vehicles, and a loud speaker is yelling some unclear command. The drive is terrifying, traffic a huge jam, with people getting out of their cars and running on foot. Your dad curses out loud and gets out of the car. For a moment, you panic at the thought of him abandoning you, but he returns, removes you from your seat, and runs with you in his arm. Where is mama, you scream after losing sight of her, but your father does not answer.


You make it to a military barricade and US soldiers let your dad through. One trooper grabs you and nearly throws you back into the crowd, but your dad fights with him, shoving your family VIP badges into his face before his commanding officer lets you pass. A thousand refugees mob up on the troops behind you, but only a select few are allowed through. Suddenly, the frenzied crowd scream and you notice in the black night sky fiery, glowing trails slowly drifting towards you from the horizon. A surge of refugee attempt to storm past the soldiers, and you and your father are hurried into the Vault. To your relief, you are re-united with your mother in the shelter's steel corridor, and in your joy, you failed to notice the huge steel door closing behind you. In an eerie instance, the screams from outside are silenced as the door clanks into place.


Within less than five minutes, a tremendous quake shook the entire complex, so violent it seemed to you that the Vault itself could collapse at any moment. Just as suddenly as it had began, the tremor ended. For once in your childhood, there was peace. Vault 99 became your new home.






In expectation of the release of Fallout 3 sometime this fall, I wanted to start a d20 game set in Fallout's post-apocalyptic wasteland.


The rules will be d20 modern. 4-5 players will do, hopefully being familiar with the Fallout game and world, but if not, it can be explained. =)

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Sure you can play!


I run my games often loosely based on d20, so just roll up a character either in a typical d20 fashion, and we can figure out the roll as we play.


For characters:


All characters will have lived in the vault for most of their life. They are either born there or were children when the vault door was closed. Don't worry about gears, as all you really have is a PIP Boy wrist computer and your blue-yellow Vault jump suit.


As for occupation, you can be anything that is necessary for people living in a fallout shelter (technician, security guards, engineers, janitors are some examples).

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Not sure where you could go for a d20 tutorial. I know dungeons and dragons have some tutorials on how to play but not sure on how to create a character.


As for the fallout world, don't worry too much about it. Either way, living in the Vault has obscured the entire universe outside of it, so you'll find out about it as you play anyway. But, just for reference, you can always wikipedia it.



Voladik- Medic is cool.

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