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What faction(s) do you play?


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  1. 1. What faction(s) do you play?

    • Crusader default
    • Crusader Army of Justice
    • Darkspawn default
    • Darkspawn Demonic Conclave
    • Dwarves
    • Elves default
    • Elves Woodland Protectors
    • Necropolis default
    • Necropolis Crypt Legion
    • Nefsokar default
    • Nefsokar People of the Desert Wind
    • Overlords default
    • Overlords Followers of Khardullis
    • Overlords Onyx Legion
    • Razig
    • Reptus default
    • Reptus Nagendra
    • Reven default
    • Reven Bull Orc
    • Reven Goblin

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

I only play Darkspawn (& Demonic Conclave), but I have a fair amount of Necropolis minis in case someone else wants to play. I've never used a Necropolis army though. Strange, yeah?


They're not exactly the most popular army but they're pure evil and I love them for it.

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I play the following


Necropolis default

Necropolis Crypt Legion

Nefsokar default

Nefsokar People of the Desert Wind

Overlords default

Overlords Onyx Legion


Overlords is spending a great deal of time on my painting table and the Crypt Legion is getting a lot of game time.


I have not tried Followers of Khardullis in a looooong time. I will have to give that one a try again.

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I don't play any. I own 90% of the dwarfs, elves, and reven, and have a hobbit proxy army and a lupine army but never get to play. I melted a bunch of mercs, crusaders, necros and CAVs at the last ReaperCon to get more goblins and dwarfs. I think I played about 8 games last spring and nothing since.



Maybe now that I'm back in school I'll meet a few gamers that are interested, but my area has no Warlord gamers.

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NOw would be a pretty sweet time for a resurgence of Warlord. Gamers want a good skirmish game and are not really able to find one right now. There are a few trying to carve a niche, but Reaper has complete lines of minis available right now. Add a rulebook and get the Balance of Power Map upgraded and back on track, and the numbers we had in 2004-2005 or 6 will be back with friends.



I play:












and I am collecting Darkspawn next

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I play Darkspawn (just got the big guy last weekend, Rauthuros) and abuse that whole pain tokens thing. I also play Razig's army, and right now they are my favorite (Soul Cannons anyone).


My next planned army is the Dwarves, so I can burrow my heart out. Also, bear riders are just cool.

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I play Crusaders, Army of Justice mainly, I loves me some heavy cavalry, and stacking smite evil bonuses. I usually play against vampires I have a growing darkspawn army and a bloodstone army (needs more things).

Ultimately I would like to have a bit of everything so I can run a skirmish trail game. But it will be a while til I can aquire it all.

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I have a ton of painted Crusaders, some of which were slaughtered Saturday by Fruggs new Dwarves and awesome Bear Rider mini.


She and I also played a campaign game of Sisters verses Necropolis. I really dig the undead riders and may need some. On a side note, by playing a campaign game next to a non campaign game it the difference in play became really obvious. When the casualties will count in your next game it really makes you conserve your forces and focus on objectives!

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I have a fairly large collection of Nefsokar, I can easily field a 2K+ Army. I have some Dark Spawn, had an Elf army (went to a friend of mine). Looking at Overlords and Dwarves as well. Also picked up a ton of Reptus a friend order through a FLGS, but then had huge financial problems, instead of having the FLGS take a loss (he picked them up for a Deep One themed army in a different Wargame), I bought them. So that's my deal currently, 2 Evil, 2 Neutral, 2 Good.

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