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Naval engagement

Froggy the Great

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Okay, as probably a bunch of you know, I'm working on an offshore assault scenario for CAV.  Basically, Adon sends in a ship that's an aircraft-carrier/destroyer hybrid to within 500 meters of the shore, then unloads a mess of aircraft, APCs, and rounds into the beachhead area it's trying to create.


I did this scenario at gencon, sort of off-the-cuff, and now I'm doing it right for this Saturday.  I've got the ship made, I've got all the weapons made, primed, and mostly painted.


What I need to do before Friday:

-Finish painting the ship, the guns, the deck, the nameplate on the prow, etc.

-Make stats for Torpedo Bombers and figure out how I'm implementing the torpedos.

-Figure out the LZ/Taxiing marks on the deck of the ship.

-Make stats for the ship itself.  I was thinking something like 20 DTs, base armor 6 or so, ECM/TL per individual weapon.  This is hand in hand with the implementation of the torpedos.

-Make stats for the two gun emplacements consisting of a pair of Rhino guns.

-Make stats for the one emplacement consisting of a pair of Duelist guns.

-Make stats for the emplacement consisting of FOUR Mastodon guns.

-Make stats for the four little emplacements consisting of the two Knight missile packs and a Starhawk gun.  This one needs to be a specialized anti-torpedo or anti-aircraft gun.

-Come up with primary and secondary mission objectives for both attacker and defender, that fit with the campaign here.


I figure I'll be painting till Wednesday night, and then going absolutely frantic Thursday through Saturday morning trying to stat this baby out.  If I have ideas floating around at that point, it'll go much easier.


Therefore, I am open to suggestions on any and all of these.  


Yes, I will have pics and do a battle report.

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Adon force

Primary - Secure the beachhead (clear the battlefield totaly worth x, if front 2/3s of the table clear gain Y point )


Secondary - Capture the command post, and put on a small building or bunker to be the said command post (Get X points if captured, Y points if it is destroyed)


Secondary - Don't  allow the carrier to be sunk



Defenders (Frogs I guess)

Primary - Repulse the Assault (clear the battlefield x points, hold most of the ground y points) this doesn't include the ship for the purpose of clearing the battlefield.


Secondary - Sink the carrier or drive it of (Suggest that it must start to leave once it has taken x damage, this should give the defender one last turn to fire at it before the ship escapes)


Secondary - Hold the command post


just some simple ideas.



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ever heard of battlefleet gothic (BFG)? could be adapted i suppose but like ive said before i dont know how CAV rules compare with GW games.


but it has rules for torpedoes, bombers, carriers, big ships, fighters, orbital (read: coastal) defence platforms


you could play a scenario of landing troops on a planet (which there is i think)....cept the planet is a landing beach etc


but to do by saturday is very impractical and i never bothered to play it so i dont know any rules


only thing i could suggest is that each bomber can launch 2 torpedoes per run, and if they are guided they can make up to a 45 degree turn each turn. if not you just have to hope. they moved 30cm in BFG (slow ships went 15, standard capital ships could move 20, escorts and fast capital ships 25, fast escorts 30)


i do have a set of rules from when they were beta testing which i can scan but this is like 5 pages from a magazine compared to a book lol so i dont even know what rules they have in



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I know BFG very well, have in fact taken Best Fleet in the last two Rogue Traders I was in, both Imperial and Eldar.


I don't think that much in BFG is adaptable to CAV.  BFG is a game of battleships, and in this scenario, the ship will be more terrain than a moving unit.


Thanks for the suggestion though.

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Hmmm...okay, good reason for me to get around to fixing up mine now :-)

Looking good.

I would suggest possibly doing DTs/stats for each turret, the island, and the main hull. Either let the players target specific points, or randomize hits (big enough that maybe a random hit is easier, but you don't know what you're going to be hitting?)

Torpedoes you could just make similar to a whisper in stats.

Scenario ideas are easy...some good ones posted before.

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