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PP's Trollblood Impaler


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Second in the pair of minis I wanted to get finished after my hiatus. I like the skin's color, although the highlights don't show as well in the photo as in the hand... I may have to redo those at a later date. I'm very happy with the gemstone, since it's the first one of those I've done.




We'll see if I'm able to paint more often in the near future. Here's hopin'!

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OK, OK, OK! I get it...I'll do a wash on the chickens! :huh::lol:


There is a bit more color on them than the pics show; I wanted the pale, clammy look of raw, defeathered poultry, but it really just looks like a thin fleshtone wash...I haven't put the final dullcote down, yet, so I can fiddle a bit.


Thanks for the comments!

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