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Forlorn Hope

Warlord Proxy Suggestions?

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Hi everyone,


I am making a Warlord Merc list and I want the theme to be a kind of Urban Thieves' Guild type of thing. I finished enough Mordheim terrain for two full tables before loosing most of my interest in the system, and so I am hoping to reuse it as the ruins of a town under Reven attack. So far I have a number of the miniatures and will be filling in the rest over the next month or so (depending on costs!). Here is the idea so far:


The bulk of the force will be "Street Thugs" represented by any DHL human or elf with a cloak and who doesn't seem to woodsy - all of the sneaky types. This list (at the moment) isn't going to have any ranged fighters really).


Two Okuran Ronins will be represented by the two Half-Orc Assassins (these are the "enforcers") Rogan and Mag. I was thinking I might also use the Dark Creeper and/or the Dark Stalker in addition.


Leaders (no Warlords yet - I don't think I need one for now) will be models with cloak but hood down, like Faramir the OOP


Solos will be (in time, none of these in the current list) DHL minis that fit (FREX I think there is only one mini with a cloak and a hand crossbow).


Here are my questions:


I am looking to include even cheaper models than the Thugs to fill in the ranks (axemen, warriors, spearmen, maybe cultists), but I am not sure of what look I should be going for. For something Urban and Guildy I want to go after a kind of "dockworker" look, but the stat line suggests some armor. City guard seems to depart too much from the theme... :wacko: Any ideas?


I know there are people who know the DHL and Warlord lines much more than I do - can anyone think of models that I might not have thought of to work with this theme? I have a prostitute-ish mini and a homeless feller from a townsfolk pack who seem to want to be involved, but I am not sure how...


Finally, including little fellers like this guy seems tricky with a standard stat box. Any suggestions on how a Dwarf or Hobbit might be represented? Maybe change to an independent list?

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Well, with a Merc list, you can use Change of Heart to use a stat card from another list - it's only one stat card though, so it's best used for one troop.


My best suggestion would be to use the Figure Finder/Figure Gallery with various search terms to find the figs you're looking for.

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