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Gus, the Reaper Team and the Black Lightning reps have been doing their very best over the last two years to make sure nothing works best. And I think they are getting closer and close to that goal.


With RC08 game is one of the closest I've seen a game that is balanced in most facets.

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I've been kicked around with everything under the sun it seems.


Trampled and torn up by an all bear rider and shield maiden army in a tournament before. (Very espensive elites and leaders, only 18 or so models at most)


I've been shot up, burnt, and shocked by elven archer and mage armies. ( I learned to hate Sure Shot the hard way... by playing them multiple times)


Swarmed over by goblins and orcs. Swarmed over by Blood Stone Gnomes. Swarmed over by.... I hate swarms. (I almost hate swarms as much as Sure Shot) (I love swarms if I'm playing a Mage heavy army... Chain Lightning is awesome)


Flyers, Burrowers, Large bases, and so on... everything can work.

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I favor lots of grunts; usually at least two sergeants maxed out with basic grunts per 1000pts. This is great for take and hold scenarios and the "village raid". Then other points go into whatever other models I think are cool this week. I regularly play with a guy who takes all adepts and kitted out solos and characters, and that works well for him. (we usually run back and forth on total wins on the campaign board, so there is a good balance).


The real secret here is to pick the one that best matches your play style (and pocket book). If you like lots of troops and ganging up on other models go with the grunts. If you like a handful of heroes beating on large numbers, go with the tool up. And of course, if you a giant horde go with goblins :>

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