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Mousekiller's Vampire Counts Army

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Not much more done on this army since the last update, as I have been concentrating a bit on finishing up the gobbos. Public opinion seems to be weighing towards the winged vampire, which I also think is a pretty unique and interesting model. Should be a lot of fun to paint.


I did spend some time compiling a full list of all the stuff I have in the way of vampire counts.... beware though, it is a bit character heavy... and comprised of GW, Reaper, Confrontation, Gamezone, and a few other miniature companies.


Zacharias the Everliving on Zombie Dragon

Melkhior on Winged Nightmare (I suppose it could be an abysal terror or a hellsteed now)

Mannfred Von Carstein on Steed

Vlad Von Carstein

Konrad Von Carstein

Heinrich Kemmler

20 Vampires

8 Mounted Vampires

1 Vampire on Hellsteed

9 Necromancers

1 Mounted Necromancer

1 Wight Army Standard Bearer

8 Wight Kings

5 Mounted Wight Kings

1 Zombie Dragon

55 Skeletons

20 Pirate Skeletons

64 Zombies

14 Dire Wolves

30 Ghouls

4 Bat Swarms

2 Corpse Carts

16 Grave Guard

9 Hell Knights

10 Fell Bats

4 Spirit Hosts

5 Blood Knights

1 Vhargulf

5 Werewolves

8 Wraiths

5 Banshees

1 Black Coach...


To equal about 17,155 points if my math is correct.

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Your army is coming along nicely. As for mine, I got the army box and added Konrad and 2 (soon to be 3) Necromancers. The first 2 are Empire wizards and the 3rd will the Boogieman from Rackham. If I can find him that is, shouldn't be too hard though.

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First, I WANT TO APOLOGIZE FOR MY LONG ABSENCE. For those of you that don't know, I am in the military and I am sure you can figure out the rest. I cannot tell you how unbelievably good it feels to be painting again. None of the following are done, but I wanted to get some Work in Progress pics in to see what you guys think so far. Amazingly, these guys were still sitting in the exact same place they were when I left them (I have an amazing wife who simply left my paint station be the entire time I was gone).


The first is the reaper mini posed to look like he is going to punt the head of the zombie trying to get out of the ground. He will be getting a bit of gore on his stomach area and is some of the wound areas. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. I am still not altogether convinced on the skin at this point.


The skin, for those of you wondering: RMS Rosy Skin, followed by washes of brown, green, and purple, Rosy skin again, highlighted up with RMS Mouldy skin until it is finally just mouldy skin followed by a light wash of green and purple.




Here he is with the rest of the unit. I am still not altogether sold with the colors that I have chosen. I just am not sure that they are dirty or nasty enough, but I also don't want them to look sloppy.




And here are a few skeletons nearing the finish line. I am thinking a deeper red for the shield might be nice, but I don't want to go overboard with brighter colors as I am trying to present a faded, dead look. Thoughts?




Puritythrufire and I33tninj4: I know it is a long time coming, but thank you for the comments. I completely agree that the corpse cart is an awesome mini, and this army will eventually get one added to it. I33, good luck with the Rakham hunt. I really hope that they start producing the metal models again.

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Thanks for the cheers gents, I am definitely glad to be home. So, to give you all an idea of what I have been up to (so you don't think I am completely slacking off)...


Took the wife on vacation (hence the month since the last post). So, as far as this army goes, not a whole lot done. I have finished primering the rest of the zombie regiment, so I hope to start painting some more zombies soon - especially those cool scenic based ones as I think they are going to be a ton of fun.


Also, I know I promised to start a Bretonnian army last year after the last vote that you all put forward. I have since decided against it, as I want to wait for GW to produce the next army book first (if any of you remember my small 500 point chaos marauder army I painted last year you will know that it is now obsolete since I can't have demons any more...)...


And I have done a bit more work on the night goblin army, upgrading the list to a full two thousand points- so if you have time take a jump over to that thread when it pops up and let me know what you think.


Again, thanks for all the support.

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Well folks, here is an update with pictures. I have done a little more work on the "boss", but the picture came out garbage so you will have to wait on that. Any tips on how to better difuse the light would be appreciated. I think part of my inspiration problems with this army is the color scheme... so...


I have adjusted one of the zombies. Instead of blue, I am going with a very muted green... and also adding stripes etc... Let me know what you think.




And I started work on the centerpiece, just the bones for now...




And finished the bone of another skeleton...




Not too bad for over a year (sarcasm...) Seriously, what else have I been up to lately... Travelling for work a bit (bout a week of the last two since the last update)... painting the gobbos a bit - did some of the squig hoppers and a little more on the spider rider... and did the beard on my dwarf warrior. Looking to corner the color scheme for the dwarf army, I am thinking blue and white as that is what I have painted my previous dwarfs in but I am up for suggestions.


Thanks again for all the help.

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Sorry for the long delay in an update, and even sorrier that it is not more than it is. I have been working up a dwarf army lately and the bright colors have distracted me. So, this is what I have finished up.


I seem to be going back and forth between green and fleshy on these zombies, and I am not sure how it is going to work in the end. I think the commonality will be the clothing, which I think will be green and yellow brown, the colors of Stirland and where I would think most of these zombies come from. Anyway, here is the crucified piece with one of the zombies on it (not done completely of course):





And here is another shot of the zombie boss. I am trying to give him a lot of different color in his skin, to include some haunted looking eyes, which is proving very difficult. Also, changed his wrapping to a more greenish color.





Hopefully it won't be too much longer for another update on these guys, as I do have quite a bit of fun with them.

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These guys are just plain nasty, especially the boss. The pus-n-maggots look very good. The sash/arm wrap looks strange due to the strong light reflections, but that's just a function of the photo. I'd like to see the standard bearer's guts a bit more glossy, too.

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