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Mousekiller's Vampire Counts Army

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Hi Mousekiller:


I'm nowhere near your level but thought I'd put my two cents in. I love the colors you've chosen. There's only 1 thing that is throwing me off, and I don't know if you want to bother with it. The clothing photographs as looking clean, especially for the pant legs, and this is an army that's probably slogged through marshes and bogs rather than go around them.


It would be hilarious to have a zombie stepping on a chicken or something, or dragging a chicken head hooked bt the entrails to its leg, and leaving a trail of feathers in his wake. Dunno where that image came from, just popped into my head.




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Hello all. Well, I am going to try my best to at least give a weekly update on this blog. The going may be slow, but who knows, maybe the extra posting will help me paint a bit quicker...


Anyway, still working on the cricified base. Did a bit more on the skin of the guy with the heads, plus did a bit with his pants. Also, gave a purple wash to the bone guy, which I think has really given his green skin a very dead look. Weathered up the wood a bit also. Added a pumpkin (I know it is a bit corny, but I really feel pumpkins will belong as a theme in this army). Weathered the chaos helmet a little. I think that covers what I have gotten done.





Jabber: Will do.


Karabean: Good and valid point. I will dirty them up once I get all the clean painting done (probably use Shield brown or a similar color). I love the idea of dragging farm animals in their wake... awesome.

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Ok, quick update with the weekend upon us. I think I finally like what I am seeing to a certain degree. I still need to finish quite a bit, but my goal is to at least finish these three this weekend...






David: It is funny you mention him, because every now and then I pick him up off the shelf and set him with the stuff that is "painting in progress"... then I get scared and put him back. Every picture I have seen of him has been pretty amazing... so far I am thinking maybe a greenish base... but I am just not sure.

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Ok, still working on the 3 other zombies (they should be done tomorrow)... but in the mean time I am going to finally call something "done" with this army. I finished the sacrifice... so please tell me what you think. I also finished the "boss" model.








DavidVC: I suppose... but what fun would finishing things be...

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Ok, so now I am a bit conflicted. The storyline behind these Crypt Bats is going to be that they were once Vamps themselves, but lost almost all of the human part of what they were. So, that being said, lets talk about rust. Should I leave the rust on the weapon, or give the appearance that the Crypt Bats take better care of their equipment?


Still a little bit more work to do (leather, weapon, base, wood, a few other things).... I did add a little rock wall to the base. Any other tips before I finish him up?




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Ok, I am going to call this first crypt bat done. Let me know what you guys think, as there are two more to paint up...





Lawgiver: Custom made. The models are from the GW Zombie Plastic regiment, but the poses were done by me. Lots of fun.


Karabean: I went sort of half and half on this one, I tried to keep it somewhat shiny with a bit of rust on it.

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