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Shooting Flyers

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The description of Flyer has removed mention of providing a -1 ranged situational modifier to ranged attacks made against the model.


There has been no errata removing this from the ranged situational modifier table.


Does this ranged situational modifier still apply? If not please release erratta stating that is the case in RC08.

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The -1 penalty for shooting a flying model has been removed from the Flyer SA description but not from the Ranged Combat Situation Modifiers found on page 64 of the rule book. Does this mean we should ignore the modifiers found on this page? Or does some of the modifiers still apply...


I think it is time for a new rule book...maybe... :wacko:

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No, most of the modifiers still apply, but I do believe a new up to date sheet like those found in the back of the faction books should be created for inclusion with RC08. It is a handy referance sheet and would be good to have up to date.


The +6 Volley range bonus doesn't exist as volley doesn't, the +1 Deflect is replaced by the Deflect/X value, and the Flying penalty is removed, I think that is it.

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