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Shaken Tokens

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So reading the rules covering shaken tokens models retreat if they are "...not in Cohehesion, is already Shaken, and suffers an effect or fails a die roll that would result in a second Shaken Token, the model Retreats." What happpens to models that are in cohesion, are shaken and receive a second shaken token? This rule seems weird because in the section on disengaging from close combat it talks about failing a second atempt to disengage causes the model to Retreat because it received it's second Shaken Token.

So here are some follow up questions:


1. Is disengaging from close combat a special situation?

2. If it is not then does that mean shaken models, regardless of cohesion, Retreat when they receive a second Shaken Token?

3. If number two is true then is the spell Scare underpointed?


My thoughts are that question 1 is yes making questions 2 and 3 irrelevant. Granted, the power gamer in me would want to spell it up and scare my opponent away. :devil: But then where is the fun in that? (For my opponent.)

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1. Disengaging is a special situation. The model is so scared of the critter it is trying to get away from that it just keeps runnin'!


2. All other situations, cohesion matters.


3. Nah, scare is good where it is...see above.

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