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Ive been busy: Group Shots

Mock Turrtle

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So with the first few weeks of classes ive had some free time so ive been painting like a fiend and have done all of these in the past two weeks except the dwarfs which i only based. These are gonna be for a new D&D campaign that starts this sunday. Most of these are from the excelent games Hero Quest and Battle Masters; which were my first real RPG and Wargames respectivly. I hope other people remember these games as fondly I do and i was wondering who else started out with these games when they were younger?


These are some dwarfs i posted a few weeks ago and just finished baseing; ive been using a new basing method using thats called grey pumice which is like a sandy paste that you can just paint on... So far i love it and its really easy to do multiple minis in a short amount of time all at once and i think it looks great aswell!




here are some old school GW skaven minis that i will be using for wererats




mmmmm brains....




Chaos archers




Town guards








and last but not least some actual reaper minis; some dreugar




Thanks for the look please leave comments if you feel so inclined




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I'll echo what the others have said about the Chainmail minis, nice to see them & nice work on them. (Always did like the dwarf cleric with the hammer raised)


I'd love to find a couple of the later gnolls they released, but alas haven't had any luck finding them.


Love the duergar, the skintone is great on those!!



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I love seeing the Battle Master and HeroQuest stuff painted up! Like others, it brings up great memories:


Several years ago when I lived in Virginia Beach, I had a good friend who had moved down to Myrtle Beach, SC. We were way in to gaming and I used to pack my bags on a Thursday night, and drive down there as soon as I'd get off of work on Friday afternoon. (I'd get there by midnight or so...) We'd game all weekend.


We had started to play Warhammer Fantasy battle with a group of guys and my friend's wife was so cool... Battle Master and just gone under, and she came home one day from K-Mart with about 4 Battle Master boxes!! She said "They were on clearance for 7 bucks!" So, everyone there was well set-up for minis after that, I can tell you! ::D:


Anyway, here's my constructive criticism:


I don't mind the way the mummies are painted. On the Orcs, Zombie with cleaver, and Skaven - consider giving their weapons and chainmaille hauberks some washes to achieve a rusty effect. They look cool right now, but they'll look even better with dirty, rusty weapons! I suppose there are lots of tutorials here and there about how to go about it, but here's the method I used on some of mine:


Take your minis as they are and apply washes of greatly thinned down Beastial Brown, and then perhaps some thinned down Snakebite Leather mixed with Orange Ink (about 50\50 mix). It's been some time since I did this, but I'm pretty sure that's what I did... The main thing you have to make sure of is that the metal underneath still shows through. It's ok to have the wash of Beastial Brown and\or Snakebite\orange ink TOO thin; you can always apply more than one wash. For areas where you think it should be darker or have more shadows, etc., you can go back in with more Beastial Brown. After all of that is over, do some slight dry-brushing with Boltgun Metal and then Chainmail on the highest areas or edges, to simulate the coat of rust being worn away to bare metal (like if the orc had sharpened his weapon, for example).


My apologies and disclamer here regarding the paints I'm referencing. I just know what I did off the top of my head with GW paints. The equivalent in Reaper paints would certainly work fine...


That's it for me! Keep up the good work! Good luck and enjoy your upcoming campaign!

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