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Computer Troubles

Kaizer Kaizer

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For the past five months, I haven't had internet access save for the weekends. This is due to my lack-luster grades in my second trimester of skool.


However, for the past 2 months, my computer, at home, has been fried beyond repair, completely inaccessible, the monitor not even responding, and the CPU entering an infinite restart/boot-up loop whenever on.


It's beyond salvage, I accept it.


As stated previously, my internet access has been limited to when I'm here at my other grandma's, on the weekend. Due to limited time, I've been spending what I do have on this maintaining other message board relations, fan-fictions, poetry, and the like. As such, given the fact that this is, at best, a meager distraction due to my little game, and my rare, fruitless updates of the poetry topic, I have not seen the need to come here, as my curiosity about the topic was non-existant, if not infintesimal.


You're all very nice people, I've seen that proven time and time again. However, given my limited function on this board, expect to not see me here, as there is little left I can or want to do.


I'll stop by every now and then, check the AQT, post maybe if applicable, but other than that, I'm as gone as you can be without actually leaving.


Cheers then.


-Kaizer Kaizer.


Post Scriptum: In the event that no one remembers me, disregard this topic in its entirety.


Thank you very much for your time. You may go now.

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