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Just really not my day today...


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I'm not an early riser, never have been and doubtful that I ever will be. When I was in the military, I was the first person to volunteer to work second or third shift. So naturally, since the store doesn't open until 11am, I don't usually like to leave the house until 10:30 or so unless there's something that absolutely must be done before work that can't wait until a Monday (my off day). This morning I was running a bit behind schedule which simply meant I wasn't going to do my usual Thursday gassing of the truck, but still didn't need to rush. So here is my typical vehicular routine that I do every single morning:


1. Walk around the truck looking for puddles and really big rocks in the tires, get in, fasten seatbelt (Mom told me cars don't start without

2. Start truck and wait for it to idle down (my truck is an 1986 F-150, thus needs time to wake up just like it's owner)

3. Light cigarette, crack the window, and open my package of pop tarts and break it into easily grabbed pieces

4. Check the street for traffic, put the truck in reverse, let off the brake long enough for the truck to roll down to the end of the driveway.

5. Check for traffic again now that I can see better up the hill and the intersection at the bottom of the hill

6. Let off the brake and roll backwards into traffic, leaving the accelerator alone because there's no longer a berm if ice/snow at the end of the driveway.


Well.. this is what happened next :down:




The other vehicle was a truck as well, and had one of those fancy tow packages that offer up a reinforced bumper and hitch points. My truck, thrashed. His truck, cosmetic damage. To emphasize how hard he hit my truck in the 25mph zone, I ended up nearly parallel to my driveway when I hadn't begun to turn yet and completely out of my driveway (I was about 3/4ths of the way into the street).


This' was my first accident in over 10 years, *sigh* I really do don't like driving...

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I can still drive it, which is how it got all the dirt along the side. My photos were taken outside my shop, the police officer took his own photos. My auto body guy has seem my photos and isn't sure which is cheaper, pulling out all the dents and reshaping the bed or just putting a new bed on the truck and painting it to match. I had to send him some more pictures of the underside and along the axle housing, but it looks like the worst thing right now is that the leaf springs on that side have shifted slightly and the bracket for my mudflap is pressing against them. Both easy fixes with a sledgehammer (which we're doing tomorrow morning).


Tomorrow I'll know how much it's going to cost me to fix roughly, but my insurance is going to be fighting with his. That much my agent promised me.

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Ah, first accident.


I was stopped in a left turn lane waiting to turn into my driveway. House/apartment was on the other side of a four lane highway. Note - stopped in the left turn lane.


Booger in a camero comes over the hill doing 55 and slams into me. 55 is the speed limit there. My poor car gets spun around hard enough to take the tires off the rims. I don't go into the oncoming two lanes of traffic or down the 15 foot drop. Only injury to either of us - a cut on my eyelid where the visor swung around and slammed my glasses into my face.


They had to cut him out of his car, mine was destroyed but I could get out. I was driving a 1977 Ford Thunderbird so that helped a little.


I still have the TV we bought with the insurance money I got. And that was in 1990.


You never forget your first...


I'm glad your insurance is fighting this. Technically since you were pulling into traffic they would say he had the right of way but with the excessive speed seemingly involved you might win this one.

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I am glad you aren't hurt and I will be most put out if you do get the ticket. If you do get one, totally take that crap to court.


Sorry about the truck though. Those F-150's that last into their older years are the good ones to last and last.




I hope the rest of your day went better!

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Ouch. Glad to hear that no one was injured. To date, I have been involved in three car accidents (multi-car, car vs semi, me vs. cop), and probably twice that as a cyclist and a pedestrian. You can take all the precautions you like, but someone out there is always trying to be more of an idiot than you think possible.

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