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Ok, Mages have dropped into line, Clerics were already pointed fairly well (although they get a nice boost with some of their spells dropping in cost), but it really feels like Clerics are getting relegated simply to a Healer role.


Hold becomes a Level 3 spell in RC08, which is a big move I've decided I don't really like, and here is why: Hold was previously the only really offensive spell I saw Clerics using routinely, with its increase to level 3 it is now restricted to the games Elite clerics. This in itself isn't a huge deal, but there doesn't seem like there is an obvious choice now for clerics to take in the form of an attack spell.


Before I get hammered on, I know Clerics are meant to be less offensive than Mages, and this has been done by making their offensive spells cost more and have shorter ranges than those of Mages. I'm fine with that, if we were to give Clerics the same offensive abilities as Mages at the same cost then Mages would be obsolete. That isn't what I'm looking for.


Right now in terms of Level 1 and 2 attack spells we are limited to:



A decent spell, I've got no problem with it, but it is the only level 1 Cleric attack spell.


Holy Light:

A pretty cool spell, but only available to a small number of factions. Devastating against Nefsokar and Necropolis, but still quite good against any other faction you come up against.


Searing Pain:

A spell that isn't even close to cost effective when compared to similar Mage spells and compared to Holy Light. It is essentially a Bolt spell, but carries a shorter range, and costs twice as much. The Mage spell Ice Shards deals 2 points of damage, has a further 6 inches of range, and comes in 2 points cheaper. Not to mention it isn't restricted by alignment.

As I said I don't expect it to be as good as an equivalent Mage spell, but it isn't even close. It needs a points drop down to 7 or 8 (still making it more expensive than Bolt, and shorter ranged). Truthfully I think if might be better as a 12-13 point spell that did 2 damage instead.


That's it, 3 non-attack spells for Cleric 2/x models and lower, and any given Cleric will only be able to choose from 2 of them due to alignment restrictions. Seems just a tad too few.


Some sort of change to Searing Pain would be nice, but I'd love to see another 2 or 3 attack spells go into the Clerics spell list in RC08.


An improved Slow spell perhaps, making it something between slow and Hold. The same effect as Slow, but with a 2 inch radius like Hold. Meaning it would remove Non-combat actions from models in an AOE. (15 points?)


An Attack spell that weakens an enemy model during their next activation. Perhaps Halving their MAV and RAV until the end of their next activation (rounded up). (12 points?)


I dunno, just some thoughts brought on my me lamenting the loss of Hold for my Level 2 clerics (not that I think moving the spell to level 3 is bad, merely that it needs another option in its place).

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...but it really feels like Clerics are getting relegated simply to a Healer role...

Clerics are healers. I don't beleive that they should get stronge attack abilited. Maybe things like hold but Clerics shouldn't getting damage dealing spells any more than Mages should get healing spells.

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Not looking to change them in terms of points, merely give them a few more options.


I've never seen an RPG cleric or druid that couldn't sling some pretty decent offensive matter in the direction of the enemy.


Healing is an important role, but clerics are utility casters in my mind and shouldn't be pigeon holed. If I take a Cleric 2/X, my opponent shouldn't look at him and think, 'ok that guy likely has a few Cure 2 and 3 spells and maybe a Bless so I don't need to worry about him hammering me with anything offensive'.


I was pretty happy with my clerics until Hold was taken away from my builds as a Level 2 spell, leaving me with nothing in its place.


Hellsgate, Ummm...Clerics already have damage attack spells: See Holy Light, Searing Pain, Holy Burst, and Call Lightning, the precedent is there.


That being said, I'm asking for Level 1 and 2 attack spells, I didn't say anything about them having to do damage, they could do all manner of things (Think D&D: Inflict Wounds, Entangle, Doom, Bane, Curse, Spiritual Weapon, Silence, Sound Burst, Contagion, Flame Strike, Harm, Darkness, Enthrall, Earthquake etc...the list goes on and on)


Sorry but I don't just want my clerics to be glorified Hospitaliers (I don't think that is the designers intent either, I believe they are meant to be utility casters), I want them to be individuals who manifest Divine power to help their comrades and hinder their enemies. Right now levels 1-2 clerics can help out their buddies just fine, but when it comes to hindering or harming their foes the gods abandon them.

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I like the idea of attack spells that don't do damage to the enemy but hinder it in some other way. Not really worthwhile having the Holy symbol do different bonus' to CP if there aren't lower level attack spells to make the difference appreciable.


Really, all I would like to see is 1-2 spells that take the place of Hold in the Cleric 2 repertoire.


And yes, there are a ton of Mage and Cleric spells that could be added to give variety to the game, so long as they are balanced in terms of points and abilities I welcome any number of spells, I have little doubt we'll see these added in the future. But that doesn't help low level clerics out now.



Casting Grade: Cleric 2

Availability: Any

Type: Attack

Point Cost: 12

Range: 12"

Area of Effect: 2"

# Models Affected: All

Damage: N/A

Cast Defensively: No

Notes: Affected models lose a Non Combat Action on their next activation. (essentially an AOE Stun)

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With the game begining to become slower since RC'07, I think some spells that boost offense would be really nice as well.



Bless needs a bigger radius. If it could grab more people, I would use it more often.

How about a better Bless, granting +2 to all rolls?


How about a spell that grants a free Coup-De-Grace if you use your standard action on making melee attacks? Call it Liberation of Life.


Divine Empowerment: When cast on a model, that model deals double damage on his next standard action. Be it Melee or Ranged.



I also think healing needs to be more expensive and more limited.

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