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Again, More Sci-Fi

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So, still gearing up for the SR campaign. I've got another character done, and my test mini for the 30-odd security forces that I'm going to be assembly-lining next week. Lots of green in those. I'm thinking of breaking out the airbrush and basecoating them in that green instead of white. Not sure, but it's an idea:





Also, I've been averaging a little over a mini every two days for the last 2 months. Not too shabby, but I think I can do better... they are tabletop, after all. Here's 20 of the 30 that I've got done:



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I've got a group of 8 Void troopers that I'm painting up as a lightly armored 'Fast Response Team', 6 Void minis (I think they're Vasa?) that I'm painting up as cops (heavily armed cops, but they're boys in blue), and a a troop of 20 or 30 GW minis that I'm painting in generic military colors to be a multi-purpose corp/military opposition (including a few necromunda minis that'd make decent mages). It's always nice as a GM to have a full squad of matching minis to drop on the table... makes the players much more cautious.


Since I've pretty much always painted Fantasy minis this is a really nice departure for me. It's fun doing something new.

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