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Support Your Local Warlord

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Good idea, Armydillo. You could stat up anything you wanted and have fun with it. Lots of players have no desire to play in official events. Slap some plastic toys on bases and give them stats. Wildbill and I are always joking about a Toys'R'Us army...but why not?


Or use LEGOs. My WW2-as-spaceships-miniatures-using friend has a nephew that joined us a few times. The nephew's ships were made from LEGOs. At least they were more believeable as spaceships then the wet-navy battlewagons were. <_<


Hmm, making a cooperative scenario where the kids each play a good Pokemon critter vs. the demo-running (me) evil Pokemon critter might draw some interest on a Saturday afternoon. But then, that might (but probably not) just pull a kid into WL, who doesn't have the cash to spend on making an army or painting one; and I prefer to avoid screaming Saturday afternoons at my game store. :ph34r:

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I'd really like to get some more warlord action going in my area, but I cant without an updated rulebook. I'm not complaining just stating. As such I am going to turn the 20ish pages of rules in the book into a text document I can print off with RC08 to give to other players. (this is of course after I get approval from Reaper)

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