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Rules Clarification--when does one need to hit a models base versus hit its center to attack

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From Reading the discussions on area effect spells, I started thinking about soem other areas that I am not sure what is beign measured to:


1) In a ranged attack: do you need to draw a line to a base or do you need to actually hit the middle?


2) In an area effect ranged attack (blowthrough) do you need to clip the base or do you need to hit the middle of the base?


It seems to me that a consistnet rule would eb best (for at least these 2 instnaces and preferabley for all area effect affects).

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Some line AOE just have to touch, but it says so in the discription:

Blowthrough:"...Any Model's base touched by this line is in the AOE..."

Lightning Bolt/Blast:"...Any Model whose base is touched by this line is affected by the spell..."

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