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2952 Baeldrinahr Rogue Fighter


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Hello all, this is one I always wanted to do but was kind of a nightmare for me. Ussually when I buy a mini I buy a double incase I want to paint it again. I don't know if it was just my luck but both had a huge mold chunk under it's right shoulder and destroyed 1 trying to adjust/prep it. It is also my first snow base and my first attempt at using baking soda (yes I'm cheap) so comment, suggestions, or hints appericated. i tried to take a picture of the area but wouldn't come out basically only have a cheap camera and my picture taking is terrible.





Again thanks for looking.

Luck and Later


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Hi Kaz,

Beautiful mini. I love the color choices and your base is fantastic looking. I like how the grass is uneven in height and pokes up out of the snow and even seems to bow under the weight. A really good looking paintjob. The only suggestions I can think of are what Anne tells me every time i show her one of my figures: once you think you've highlighted enough, take it up a little more and once you've shaded it enough, make it a little darker. A little more "pop" to the figure and you'll rock at Reapercon. I'm lucky to have the help of the enormously talented Urban Legend while trying to figure out NMM. She showed me that the "silvers" shade down to quite a dark color and usually have a dark "stripe" on the middle of the upper part of a blade with a corresponding light "stripe" on the bottom edge. That and NMM "gold" is darker overall with the lighter highlights going up to white along the topmost points. Also, the highest highlights are often next to the darkest shades, with the contrast helping to promote the illusion of reflectivity. A little work and you're there. Your lining and attention to the details are excellent. I would like to extend my jealousy. ::D:

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...It is also my first snow base and my first attempt at using baking soda (yes I'm cheap) so comment, suggestions, or hints appericated...


Hey man, baking soda looks great for snow, and you did a nice job with it. People wouldn't use it if it didn't work. Just be sure you don't spill any vinegar on it, or you'll get something... interesting :D Some people use small amounts of wall spackle for snow, so you might want to try that next time you do a snow base for a different look. It has a smoother appearance to it, of course, and might not be appropriate for a new fallen look, but it makes for awesome snowdrifts and has the advantage of being able to hold marks that are pressed into it, like green stuff does. I have a set of 40K Space Marine and Mordheim mercenary legs sitting in my bitz kit just for leaving footprints in it.

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