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WH Vampire Counts

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Hey there VC I am a Woodelf player as you can see looking to get a new army for fantasy. I was very interested in the vampires, on the other hand was looking at dark elves as well. I as hoping you could give me some feedback on the vampire counts army. :rolleyes:


Onto YOUR model, i have a couple of suggestions of what you can do with your male vampires in the future.

1: Dont use so much gloss on your models, for one it vampires are supposed to be risen from the grave therefore should be very dirty and faded.

2: i really like your coppertone to the armor of the vampires, but the light blue color of the shields and cloth to your graveguard dont really fit.


Thats really it man, i really liked the color scheme of your vampires and makes me want to roll vampire counts along with you.

But if your could give me some feedback on the subject of rolling Vampire Counts or Darkelves, i would be most appreciative.


Thanx man and play hard :devil:

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If your looking for an alternative to GW paints, look in some of the art shops and see if they either stock or will order you some of the other brands. Miniature Paints from Gamecraft aren't to bad. (dare I say it. They're from Liverpool)


Also you may want to check out http://www.spiritgames.co.uk/

They're in Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire.


Still looking for somewhere that stocks Pro-paints etc.


If you thin your inks with matt varnish it helps take the shine off. The new washes aren't too bad either.

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