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Things to do at camp...loking for youth campfire activites

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Get them to play Man Hunt. Best game to ever exist without needing any materials to play. In case no one here knows what it is I'll explain:

Two teams are required.

Team 1: Are the Runners

Team 2: Are the Hunters


The idea of the game is for you to make a base, usually a pile of coats will do the trick, the base can be placed anywhere you want, we always found a tree somewhere to use when we was kids. The base is then the place of target for team one, with team two hunting down team one to stop them getting to the base.

Team one at the start of the game is given 10 mins to run off from the base, after the 10 mins team two is then allowed to go on the chase and hunt down team one. What team one wanna do is literally up to them, we used to sometimes hide up tress or in bushes and slowly make our way back to base.

To make it more fun we used to make "lives" where you tie a piece of coloured string around the right arm of the running team, when this string is pulled off that person is captured and can no longer participate in the running, and has to placed in another base or a jail as we called it. I should add that the string has to be in clear view at all times, so hiding up sleeves isn't allowed.

When all of team one has been caught the teams swap over and team two become the runners and team one chase them.

It should be noted that this is really a "non"contact game hence the string to show if they are caught or not.


I used to have hours of fun with my old school friends playing this game at our local woods or in some parks with large areas of hiding places or running space.

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