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WHFB Ogre Kingdoms Army (pic burdened)

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These ogres are progressing amazingly. Is that dog fur I see?


It's entirely possible that there is dog hair on the models. I finally confiscated a tupperware container made for a two-layer cake--heck, it might hold three layers--to serve as a hut for my models so that I don't have to blow all the dander and hair off of them every time I'm ready to paint. :blink:


if you are feeling adventurous, how about plaid?


I thought about that, jabberwocky, but I'm a little afraid of it to be honest. I think I'll try a striped pattern with some intermediary smaller stripes and get more comfortable with that. I do want to try plaid though. Even if it makes the ogres look a bit silly. The large surfaces are great for learning, at least for me.

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Here are the leadbelchers, four of them. I did the base coat of flesh. Damned stuff doesn't cover very well, especially not after you thin it all.


Going from painting 28mm models to 50mm models has been interesting. In some ways the models go quicker, but they take just as long to paint.


The metal on these needs a lot of work, and I'm not going to worry about it just yet. The cannons are a mystery.


Don't overook the headless Torch Gnoblar. I don't know what happened to his head...it disappeared somewhere in the process. I'll have to decapitate one of my Gnoblar models as a replacement.


The real problem is the model with the huge gaps at the back muscles. I've never puttied on top of painted skin before, but I guess now is the time to do it.




In yo face, sucka!




At the time I primed this model, I remember thinking, "Screw it. I hate Ogres." But now that I'm at this stage I see my horrible mistake and must make amends with my haste.


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Skin complete, though I'm not as happy with it this time. On the next batch, I'm going to mix the 3rd and 4th skin colors to create a step 3.5.


I did a wash of black and blue over it, though I should've watered it down more. I like the blue tones it added, but next time I should use it more as a glaze.


The pants, I'm not so sure about. Of course, I'm never sure about a WIP, even when I'm familiar with the scheme.


These will be a simple scheme, but not as simple as what you see here. I used Dheneb Stone for the bleached area and Orkhide Shade and Necron Blue mixed 1:1 for the other. Both were given drying retarder, thinner, and water, just as I would any other paint. It still takes a few layers, but not nearly as many, to complete the base coat.


I'm actually going for something even brighter than the last batch. Teal and pinstriped-white. These ogres is a bit more sophisticated than the last ones.


I'm not bold enough for the flag idea yet, but I'm thinking more and more about it.


The cannons are still a concern. Should I just paint them black and start over with some of your ideas? Or would it look fine on top of the Boltgun Metal?










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I've started another unit of bulls, having basecoated the skin on all 4 and then giving 2 of them a second layer of flesh color.


But, putting up more pics of bulls/belchers seems kind of boring. I'll wait until they're done to post them.


Instead, I present you with Large Marge.


I've bought several Reaper minis in anticipation of restarting my VC army, but this will be the first one I've ever painted. 02933: Talanka, Ogre Shaman sculpted by Jason Wiebe.


Marge has a lot of great detail. Her staff has a unicorn horn, mushrooms, and other magicky ingredients for her bloody ogre stews. And her backpack has a cute doll sitting atop a human skull. Gotta love that.


The greenstuff is actually a new step for me. Seriously, just building up the base and trying to make it look kind of like her base, plus poking in a few rocks also to match the few on her base and the skeleton, that's all new. I've never liked the greenstuff, but I guess it's sooner or later, eh?


I'll prime her soon and get her started. The bull/belcher models are getting a bit tiresome already, so she'll be a good switch. Plus, I can use this current group of bulls to experiment with adding a fifth layer of skin tone between steps 3 and 4 to smooth out the last highlight.


As for priming, I really hate using white because of all the nooks and crannies. I don't blackline, I just paint up to the edge. The times I've done white primer have driven me nuts with little bits of white here and there, with not having black lines built in at every seam. How do you ladies and gents deal with that?




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Sorry I haven't been around much to see all of this progress, but I have been in the middle of moving and am just now getting all of my stuff put back together.


Anyway, what a great bit of progress. I love what you are doing with these guys, and I may have steal the striped pants idea whenever I get around to doing ogres. I also absolutely love the ogress, and can't wait to see what you will do with her (reaper has so many great models).


As for the metal on the cannons/mortars... not sure what your plan is, but my suggestion would be lots and lots of washes. Greens, browns, red-browns, maybe even some dark blue. But I would start with an undercoat of Brazen Brass or Tin Bitz, or both, then work them up to Boltgun Metal followed by some Chainmail, then load the washes on. It should give you a nice random metal look that will look very tarnished.


Keep them coming.

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I had a lot of fun with this one. There are loads of little details to do. Looking forward to seeing her done. As for the priming issue I have started doing gray. The white I'll reserve for very bright colors and the black, while great for hiding the nooks and crannies, made it tough to make out the details sometimes. I find gray provides the best of both worlds (IMHO). I tend to use brush on primers, so at the moment I mix VGC white primer and RMS black primer. I usually mix 1:1 and dilute with water, but you could certainly change the ratios if you wanted a darker or lighter gray. Another option would be to wash the whole mini with a very dark brown or black once the primer is on and before anything else. Whizard Hlavaz refers to this step as "pre-lining". Obviously, you want it to be very thin and you need to be somewhat careful in placement so that it is concentrated in the recessed parts of the mini.

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Returning from ReaperCon, I was intent on trying something new, so I picked up one of my four gorgers (Skrag loves the gorgers) and went to work. I know I wanted a pale Gorger like you're used to seeing because, well, they live in caves and need a washed out look.


I started with Fenris Gray foundation paint and then started working Snow Shadow from Reaper Master's Series, which is a very transparent color. I added a couple of layers of it and then glazed the model with purple, more snow shadow, a very thin glaze of red, more snow shadow, a lighter glaze of purple, more snow shadow highlighting up with ghost white, which required more water/thinner as it was not nearly as transparent as the snow shadow.


I glazed in red, brownish red, and purple for the cuts to make them look fresh and irritated.


I'm fairly happy with the results. I'm still getting the lighting down with this new camera (meaning, I haven't bothered trying to figure it out) and the colors aren't true to the model but close enough. I wanted something even paler, but so far, I'm accomplishing my goal of playing with glazes, lots of thin layers of paint, and working with a stubborn color like white. I wanted something much paler, but I have 3 more to practice on.


I added a warm brown to the loin cloth, rags, and straps on the gorger to give a complementary contrast to the model that wouldn't be too powerful. I used russet brown from RMS and mixed scrofulous brown from vallejo after one touch of rust brown in the russet. It looks really nice up close and I'll use it again for other models.


I don't know what to do with the hair. I could use another brown, maybe with subdued reds instead of yellows/oranges, to stick with complementary colors. Or I could go with a deep blue highlighted with something like bronzed flesh. Not sure there so any ideas are welcome. And how to make the many, many bones not wash out against the gorger flesh is also stumping me for the moment.


Comments and criticism are welcome.






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I have four of these, so this one was the first test. On the next one, I'll practice blood effects. With this one, I learned about painting long, large expanses of bundled muscles and achieving a paler skin tone, though it's not as pale as I'd wanted. I fiddled a lot with glazes and washes and am getting a better feel for them.


When I took these pics, the second of two varnish coats was drying. I brushed on a satin varnish and followed it with a gloss for a tougher shell for withstanding gameplay. Next, I'll brush on a matte and see how it looks before deciding to dullcote.


I needed a model for size comparison and the only one nearby was this one from Reaper that I got in Sue's hair class. Sue was a terrific teacher, very patient and thorough. The camera shot makes me want to complete a beauty and the beast sort of diorama, but when I look at everything I have to paint, I just don't see it happening.






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