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ReaperCon Sophie

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In the past the Reaper Con Sophies have been $10. I haven't seen an annoucement about what the price of this one will be though. It will be available through the Asylum online store only during RCon. After that it will be removed from the store.

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Well... I'm of the mind that she's got just the right amount of clothes on to suit the time period. The idea with pin-up girls was there had to be a tease, leave something to the imagination of the viewer, a girl might be nekkid, but she's facing away in the picture or she's sitting demurely with her arms folded across her chest. Nose art of the time mirrored the pages of Wink!, Flirt, and other pin-up mags of the era.


Basically, pin-up girls are proof that a little imagination can go a long way so use yours a bit. :poke:


She's still not showing quite enough skin, since it looks likes she still wearing her standard gear under the flight jacket. For a true tease there wouldn't be anything but skin under that jacket. We really need to show you a lot more nose art, not all of it was a tease, depended on the artist(s) in the squadron. There are quite a few very topless women on bomber noses. :blink:::D:


Lots were totally naked, not just topless. Nose are wasn't shy in any way, it often portrayed nudity, profanity, drinking, gambling, and other socially unacceptable forms of behavior. You got to love it.


My brother is a huge WWII buff. He has lots of WWi and WWII militaria... uniforms, guns, artwork, models etceteras. So this will make a nice addition to his collection.

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Now if I could turn it into a decal to put on the nose of my 1/48th B-17G when I get around to building it.


Just get a picture of a painted one. Do it yourself. I'd advise getting the laser paper, and if you don't have a photo quality laser printer. Just take the sheet to Kinkos or another printer. You could make an entire page. I bet there are a lot of people that would want one.




I think I like her wingless, But I have a certain pig that needs wings ::):

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Will the bomb bit be available separately?

I don't think anyone addressed your question in here that I can find so...


Reaper Con Sophie is always a limited edition figure so no parts of this model are made available as a single piece and the whole model is only available during the con


Also, con T-Shirt Colors...

Attendees: Black

Guests: Royal Blue

Employees: Heather Charcoal


A smattering of other special order colors by employees and their families.

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