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Rage Chronicles 2008 Final

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Here is the final Warlord Rage Chronicles 2008 pre-layout document. Yes, this is official, and it replaces Rage Chronicles 2007 as of... now. ::D:


All 2008 Official Reaper Warlord Tournaments (Reapercon/GenCon/Origins) will use Rage Chronicles 2008.


Note that this is the 'unpretty' version without all the extra stuff like a credits page, fancy images throughout, or 2 column page layout. That will be coming... soon? :devil:


The ReaperGames.com website has been updated with all the Rage Chronicles 2008 changes. If anyone finds any discrepencies between the RC08 and ReaperGames.com, please post them, send me a PM, or email me (gus at reapermini dot com), and I'll get ReaperGames corrected. ::):

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More of an aesthetic question than anything but are the regular faction symbols going to get spiffy upgrades so they're just as nice as the ones on the alignment-only factions? It seems kind of unfair that the newcomers get the nice symbols but the ones that have been around for a while get flat b&w.

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I have a couple of complaints. ::):


1) The pdf does not contain any bookmarks like RC07 did. Those made it really easy to jump from section to section etc.


2) Is it possible to separate out the datacards from the rest of the document? The symbols are cool and all, but I would rather have separate pdf files to open. That way I can open up the Dwarves and some other faction and compare them side-to-side.


Thanks! ::):


Wild Bill :blues:

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