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RAGE Chronicles 2008

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S**n :ph34r:


You guys realize lot of old time CAV players take that as a slap in the face, right?


Seriously. It stopped being funny like thee years ago.


Amen, brother...



Go back to about 2005 and start reading the CAV boards. All will become evident.

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Being one of Chrome's play testers and only living a few miles from him, I can attest that the man is working his tail off in his RL job. And since the majority of CAV work is being done by non-employees. RL takes priority.



We all know that Chrome and the Mil-net crew are working hard. But the S word is just the last word any old timer wants to here. All I will say is that word for good reason ticks of a lot of the old timers.


That said I hope it does get completed soon. New stuff is a good thing.

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That's why you'll notice none of us used the S word.


Just know it has not been forgotten and all of the feed back collected since the 08 beta is being chewed through.



I agree the Mil-net guys don't do that. I apreciate that bye the way. It is also why I don't post on the milnet board I don't want to take my frustration out on you guys when I get upset.

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