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Make more monsters


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OK, for those of us who don't just paint minitures but also plays D&D there is a desprate  need for more monsters. All the new characters are nice, some awsomely so, but with out equally awsome monsters to battle -- the fun of playing with Reaper minis in D&D starts to go down hill. My group and I have started buying monsters from other companies to compinsate for the lack. It makes me wish Chainmail was still producing, even though half of the monsters don't mesure up to those of reaper level. But they were very monster dedicated.

  Pump out the beasties.

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You beat me to this topic! :angry: Congrats


I will second that! There are far too many biped minis compared to monsters. To make things worse many dragons are sculpted like they are bipeds.


I get a kick out of the upcoming Fly demon and devourer of mashaf [looks like a big octo-brain] but we needs more.


Leaving out the normal humanoids, skeletons and vampires here are the monsters that are on the way!


NYA RPR 02705  Khulsanthus, Skeletal Dragon  $13.99  

NYA RPR 02716  Demonic Lasher  $9.99  {i bet this will be the demogorgon mini]

NYA RPR 02717  Osyleek, Shadow Dragon  $14.99  

NYA RPR 02718  Garravank, The Ghoul King  $5.99  [fat boy]

NYA RPR 02727  Swine Prince And Female Slave  $7.49  [fat boy in chair IIR]

NYA RPR 02728  Iron Golem  $8.99  

NYA RPR 02729  Mephisto Arch-Devil  $10.99  

NYA RPR 02730  Cavern Crawler  $19.99  

NYA RPR 02737  Bilgetreacle, Dung Monster  $9.99  

NYA RPR 02739  Dire Bat  $11.99  

NYA RPR 02742  Skeletal Giant  $14.99  

NYA RPR 02744  Cichastus, Fly Demon  $6.99  

NYA RPR 02747  Jean Paul Duchamps, Werewolf  $4.99  

NYA RPR 02751  Stone Golem  $5.99  

NYA RPR 02753  Werebear  $7.99  

NYA RPR 02754  Blood Wolves (2)  $6.99  

NYA RPR 02755  Marunma, Naga  $4.99  

NYA RPR 02756  Familiar Pack IV  $4.99  

NYA RPR 10013  Tyrannosaurus Rex Box Set  $34.95  

NYA RPR 10020  Marthrangul Great Dragon Box Set  $75.00

NYA RPR 14067  Demon Warlord  $12.99  

NYA RPR 14076  Devourer Of Mashaf  $9.99  

NYA RPR 14077  Griffon  $9.99  

NYA RPR 14080  Guardian Angel  $7.99  

NYA RPR 14083  Lesser Demon Sergeant  $4.99  

NYA RPR 14086  Giant Eagle  $8.99  

NYA RPR 14087  Warlord Familiars II  $4.99  



Howbout a multi-legged crustation with thick membranous wings.


Howbout an overwieght dragon. Better yet an overweight dragon / squid.


Reaper doesn't have an ooze yet, How bout a protoplasmic terror with eyes mouths and strange maniplator arms. Teke-lili!


I still want to see some monsters disguised as children.


Edit: added the guardian angel since angels are supposed to be  "Fear Not." not 'there, there little one'.


Keep the monsters coming!  :oo:

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And don't forget the giant Moths and others of the insect ilk!!!!  4 legs, 6 legs, 8 legs, 1000 legs, AND WITH HUGE PINCERS TO BITE THE SILLY HEROES IN HALF!!!!



but I digress.


yes more monsters would be just fine with me.

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NYA RPR 14067  Demon Warlord  $12.99  


Is this demogorgon?

I kind of doubt it. The green for him has him pretty attached to his base. with his tentacles 'Demonic lasher' sounds pretty dead on. But it is possible since both use the name demon. we will see whos guess is right soon enough.


What's with the loin cloth, Reaper folks? ;) You have the females hanging out of thier outfits but a Demon lord has modesty? ;p


Here is the Ice devil / [low-temp] Gluegon


:RANT:TBH i don't care for this guy, not buggy enough exept for the head, i kinda hope he takes the Charon boat ride to the Isle of lost minis. :glare: Maybe the anthro minis also took a little pleasure cruise to the same place. :RANT:


A thousand legs? Sound cool! How about a goat with a thousand young?

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