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I'll start a new thread, this evening, and tomorrow, explaining what elements I like about other games, what I like about Warlord, and what I don't. I've been on the forums long enough to know the rules and decorum, and it is not my intent to trash Warlord, or Reaper, but I think a good hashing out of my frustrations, and positive feedback may be in order.

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Excellent, I can’t wait to see your comparison. I think it’s a pretty useful way to understand those games I’m not as familiar with, and maybe find a work around or house rule for something I dislike now.

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I know, a defensive strike is not an action, but by playing the troops this way, it amounts to them getting into combat with that double move, and the defensive strike is then, effectively, an attack.


One thing I will say in regards to this is that Defensive strikes aren't quite as potent for many models as they were in earlier editions.


Firstly, while it may seem like a double move + defensive strikes is effectively an attack (and it is to a certain degree) there are a few issues:


1) Unless you've got your opponent locked into combat with several bases preventing it from moving at all, a simple discipline test allows the enemy to walk away from you (harder for some models than others).


2) If you run more than one model into btb with the enemy and don't attack it is very possible that the enemy will focus on only one or two of your models in base-to-base when it attacks, meaning unlike in your activation where everyone would get to attack, only models attacked by the enemy would get their defensive strikes.


3) Waiting to attack with defensive strikes prevents you from gaining support bonus' for additional models and reach support models which can substantially decrease your ability to damage the enemy.


4) Many many models have 2+ attacks and without Warmaster relying on defensive strikes makes you sacrifice a significant number of attacks.


5) The enemy may have several options for removing the blocking model from base-to-base before the enemy activates, so in the end blocking the model may not be successful at all.


Don't get me wrong, it is a valid tactic to try and pin a particular model with a peon (goblin, orc, skeleton for example), but I've never seen a situation where I felt it was unfair, such models are usually easily brushed aside by allies or the model itself quite quickly, and a good player can usually prevent may of their important models from being held up in this manner simply by positioning them properly.


Truthfully the most effective models (in my experience) to use this tactic are those with Warmaster, in which case they ignore #4 above and get all of their attacks back making them the games best defensive strikers. But Warmaster is a very expensive ability so I don't begrudge them this advantage.


I like Chronopia, or at least I did when I played it nearly a decade ago, but one thing with both it and Warzone was that (like earlier versions of 40k) it could easily be dominated by pumped up characters who could wade through combat. Likewise, just like 40K, it had an element of power creep where new releases were better than previous ones in many cases (gaining new abilities for example, and oftenbeing somewhat more cost effective). Other than that I had few complaints about the game, it was very decent.

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