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Hakan, Barbarian of Heimdall #5011

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Been abit busy of late, but managed to get a new project going at the start of the week.

Since I wanted to work on my skin tones I choose to go with Reapers Hakan, Barbarian of Heimdall.




This picture is a couple of day's or so old, in which I've been able to work on more in depth and add abit more contrast between the muscles and lighten up the skin to stand out more. Also added some more to the cloth areas and started on the shield / hair and sword.

I'll try and up date tomorrow at some point so you can get an Idea.



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Looks good! I might suggest closing the gap between his right deltoid and bicep a bit - it looks the shading color is going up too high onto the shoulder muscle there. And also on his vastus medialis (innermost thigh muscle) on his left leg, it looks like the shading has come up over the edge and onto the top of that muscle. You have created great depth and contrast though - the abs and pecs look especially good. I look forward to seeing more!

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Ok quick update, Heres the model at its current state.




For the moment I'm not worried about details and such just been getting the basics to the cloth area done, I'll probs add a few more high lights just to make them stand out better. I've slightly lighten the skin tone and strenghened the dark outlines to get the muscles to stand out, Yeah I know... there's some paint on the skin that belongs to the cloth that's gotten on the skin. That was a result of a very tired me trying to paint after working a 12 hour shift, so I'll touch that up tonight.


At some point I gotta try fill in some white areas, only thing I hated about this project is the areas hard to fill in, no matter how hard I've tried I never get them all :angry:

I'll keep posted later.



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Hey all,


Quick update on the barbarian.

On the flesh I've lightened some areas and then glazed in some darker parts to stand the muscles out more. With the hair I've added some high lights to get more of a blonde feel for him, though there's some white dots still I keep seeming to get rid of ones and then spot more once I take a picture, never mind though I'll persist and get them eventually.

On the cloth I've again added some high lights and done the shadings to the leather boots and the fur on / around them.

Finally I've started on the shield properly and beginning to try again on the sword once again.


post-4553-1207953020_thumb.jpg post-4553-1207953038_thumb.jpg


Once I've done what I've said I'll do I'll attempt the dreaded eyes and face :D


If you wish to comment then please do, I do appreciate help.



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Hey all,


I should have added these almost 2 days ago, But yeah basically thanks to Meg and Olliekickflip I've been given a tutorial about glazing and they've been nice enough to help me step by step. So here's what I've done so far.





I've actually just made some small adjustments like an hour ago, but didn't see much point in adding that to the computer.

I'm almost done with the skin now, so just touch up some area's then time to work on the sword and other bits.

Once again, any criticisms is always welcomed.



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