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Ghoul Queen Set and 6 others


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Hi all, after much hard work and things involving painting I am finally done with the Ghoulqeen set I normally dont go for the sets but this one I just couldnt keep my fingers from. Another one I liked to do is Melisandre. Listening to the books great stuff.

Questions and comments always fun




Fenryll Knight


Fenryll young mage


Melisandre the red witch


Burl Oakfist


Golrick Mercenary Warrior


Durin Dwarven Pathfinder

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Man, that tabbard and the NMM on the sword look GREAT!


Linus, I don't know if you can easily answer this, but is there a specific method you use to determine how to do the NMM on the sword blades? I know the basic concept, but you've obviously gotten down that extra little "tweak" that makes it look really realistic.

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