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April Roll Call!

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Yes, which IMHO is the only way to go...


1. Primed Black

2. Basecoat Tamiya Metallic Gray (a dark steel)

3. Wash Black

4. Drybrush Citadel Chainmail

5. Drybrush Citadel Silver.


I'm going to finish them off with some brass trimmings (Necron emblem on the chest, maybe a few odds and ends), glowy green eyes, and base them with an ash grey landscape. I'm also going to do a super Future glosscote and keep them that way...



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Argh, the 'net ate my post!


Just put some sealer on a Tiger, Jaguar, and Puma for CAV and five stands of 6mm GZG NAC power armored infantry. I seem to be missing three stands though. :grr: I have another Tiger that has a base coat, gonna try something different as I didn't like the way the first one came out.

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Started 35 halfling type dhl models. They are built, sanded and primed. Lets see how long this takes.


I then have about a dozen Confrontation Wolfen that I'm going to proxy as Warlord Lupines.


Then after the reapercon pewter exchange, hopefully I'll have I have about 70 dhl goblins, 3 giants, and about a dozen bugbears and gnolls and the five Zodiac minis.


I need to strip all my dwarfs and repaint them, about 40 and finish up about 20 Reven and 20 elves.


That's my 10 year plan.

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