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What do you use for hoardes off the same monster?


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Same here, I think the Warlord stuff is way over the top in the sculpting.  I only own three of them and those are the Wolfen figs, because they look cool.  I also think they are bigger that the regular DH line.  Say what you will about the human size figs, I'm talking about the dwarves.  The two warlod figs are noticable larger than the DH ones.  But to each his or her own.  I just will stick with DH.
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I use metals for some of my hoards, which I color code by painting a specific bit of their costume different colors. FREX, for my Chainmail gobbos all of their tunics are a different, unique color. Same for my orcs and hobgobbos.


We also use Heroquest plastic figures as well. For those times when we encounter a wandering army of orcs...



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i got a box of 50 grenadier plastic orcs...1/2 painted, 15 primed, 10 unpainted. They started out as just 2 mini types (30 w/ swords, 20 w/ bows) but i did a lot of xacto-knife customizing of the swordies and painted names on each base of the 20 swordies that i finished painting. only 5 archers are painted.


got 2*12packs of skellies from AEG - samurai and archer skellies, 12 of each. painted them up except i never finished the last 3 archers.


got about 8 spectral or partially spectral undeadish-type things.


got at least 1 of every major giant...which allows me to have all giant armies with the leader always represented by an accurate mini, tho' that does mean i often have hill giants/etc playing the part of fire giants. Think i have 14 giants total.


got 3 ogres, 2 large yeti, 1 large gorilla for the midsize humanoid nasties


got at least 2 of every elemental - fire & earth ones also double for demons/devils fairly okay.


got 5 big cats, 3 large dogs, 2 #### hounds, one lion w/ wings.


got 5 small dragons, 1 medium & 1 large one. (and several not yet assembled/painted, but you know how that is. )


got 6 gnolls


got 11 lizard-(wo)men (in my campaign world the female lizardhumanoids are larger than the males, just as is typical in actual lizards...therefore the females are the nastiest warriors)


got a dozen or so plate-armored types


guess that's about it for large groups of things


oh, except i also have about 8 minis which are variously described as trolls, ghouls, things like that, but they're actually pretty interchangable. once i get some of the larger reaper trolls, they'll have to stay trolls, but these are older ones and the distinctions are small. i even use 'em for zombie types - add skellies, which you can also use for general humaoid undead & i can field over 30 if i have to. and lately, i've had to ( my dm doesn't collect minis & my character has been wandering around an undead-infested city. Next stop, den of the zombie master!)


so, yeah, i've got squad level groups of lots of things, but mostly humanoids. i'm hard pressed to put together more than 6 devil/demon minis at one time. okay, well, more than 8 really. forgot about my efreet.


but hey, who wants to face more than 8 demons/devils at once? they're nasty!

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oh, darn, you know what? i forgot about some of my new aquisitions. right now i can field about fourteen demon-types, tho'

that includes 3 'blood imps' and a sword-toting fire elemental as well as the usual vrock & glabrezou & pit fiend/balrog type things.

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I currently use Kobolds for small critters, Orcs for medium, Ogres for large (all Kenzer & Co variety ... for some reason I have a few more of them than most other types :D )

beyond that I use dice, any PC minis available and unique (at least relatively unique), etc. Basically anything I can get my paws on, then dice to suppliment.

I also have a bunch of older minis, but I usually don't carry them around with me (tad heavy).

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