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Warlord/Chronopia comparison

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I like your take on the Crusaders; I suppose we'll have to leave it as being a matter of taste. I prefer a dark fantasy setting, where there are no real "good guys", just everyone trying to survive, or conquer, with some irredeemably evil undead/demons thrown in 'cause they're cool. Warlord has its' own cosmology, and that's not going to change.


You're idea for initiative is excellent for Tactitian. Allowing that model an extra card, or the ability to trade a card could easily be worked into a home brewed double blind deployment, and card based initiative.


As for Armor saves, again, some people love'em, some people hate'em. I've found playing both games that they played similar speed despite the extra dice. You're throwing defensive strikes in Warlord, armor saves and possible countercharge/stand fast strikes in Chronopia.

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