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Sah---weet!!! http://www.pitbullarmory.com/


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Have to put that on the list of things to do should I ever end up with more money than common sense...


1) Purchase 100 suits of squirrel armor.

2) Capture 100 wild squirrels.

3) Dress squirrels in suits of armor.

4) Hop squirrels up on Red Bull.

5) Release the squirrels in downtown New York from the back of a moving van.




I actually had been contemplating getting a set of the dog armor for about a year now. No pitbulls here, but English Bullies or Boxers would look equally cool in plate.

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Oh my... reminds me of the chicken claw attachments someone brought back from Mexico a few years ago...


The difference being squirrel armor is cute and useless, but chicken spurs are real life killing tools used in cock fights.

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