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That's it! screw him!!!


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Well, there are somethings going for WH40K (and I really hate to say that).  


1) Organized play in a structured environment.  This generally eliminates surprise "House Rules" and levels the playing field.  Everyone has a chance to win, and cheating, etc. is kept to a minimum, if not eliminated completly.


2) Organized play that affects the storyline.  By holding "campaign seasons" (like the current Eye of Terror), GW gives the player's a chance to affect the storyline.  Giving them a feeling of being a part of something greater than themselves.  By giving them the illusion of self destiny, players feel more involved.


3) Organized tournament play with rewards for greater level of play.  The more you play, the more points you earn to get into the "big" grand tourneys.  Get in "big" grand tourney and win and become immortalized forever as a grand champion, get your pic in a game magazine and everything.


This is what you are running against.  Welcome to the struggle, brother.  My best advice, get some game space at the store and bring a couple of buddies to play CAV one night/day.  If the guy won't give you the game space, get some at the University (I live in a college town with one game store, too).  


And consider becoming an AO, we have a great program.  By becoming an AO, you can get some kewl giveaways to promote the game.

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