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02985 Gabriel, Vampire Knight

Thegn Beretun

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Maybe some of the armor highlights, or the belt buckle. The color scheme is good overall, just needs a little something to make it pop, imho. The cape seemsto go with the armor, but maybe changing it would help. Again, just an opinion.

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Looks good, red is good choice.


I will have to side with Toad on this, a nice accent color would really help pull the mini to the eye


I have no idea if this would work for you, but what I try to do is find mild symmetry in a piece and use those as a sort of 'frame.


As an example - having the gloves and boots match, this pattern creates a square frame.. or the gloves, ascot, and maybe the belt (not saying these are good examples..).


Really like it though, specially pulling off a red cape with red armor and still having it stand out.

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I like the choice of colours for this mini.

Personally I would have aimed for more of a burgundy for the red but I still like the colour red you chose.

As for an accent, you could go with a really deep blue for the inside of the cape, always nice when the inside of the cape contrasts with the outside, adds kind of a punch.

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