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First four Reaper miniatures


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Perhaps it is time I evolve from lurker to some level of involvement!


I discovered Reaper a year ago, and found that I live only a few miles from the Asylum in Denton. So I went there and bought miniatures, and have been attending Paint Club as much as I can.


As an introduction of sorts, these are my first four Reaper miniatures.



My first real try at non-metallic metal, and I really enjoyed attempting wood grain on the bow.



Second miniature. I am already officially addicted to NMM at this point, though still not entirely successful. I tried freehand on the cloak too.



The temptation of sky-earth non-metallic metal was too great, and ended up pretty much the focus of the third mini. I am particularly proud of the freehand design on the back.. banner.. cloth.. things.



After #3, I decided that I was using too many primary colors, and too much saturation. So I toned it down a lot, and this was the result.


I have one more finished model as of this post (I can't believe how slow of a painter I am) and I will post a picture as soon as I get a chance to snap one. Also, feel free to praise my amazing base work *sarcasm* (I have not gotten around to learning how to make the base look good, or look anything at all for that matter, though I'll try in the future!).


I would love to hear what y'all think!

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Wow! Really good for just starting out with NMM. All very good, though I do think #1 definitely lags behind the other 3.


Really nice stuff.






I gotta get my butt back to painting. All of you are making me jealous. <_<

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Yes, sorry. These are only my first Reaper miniatures. I did four GW space marines a few years ago and got the general hang of blending and stuff (each of my mini's takes me forever to paint and gets multiple "retries" on parts so I get good mileage as far as practice goes. I get a bit obsessive)


So they are not my first ever.


As for the (non-existent)basing. I know it hurts. I have to try to base something soon!

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Wow! These are great. I love your color choices. The Orc Shaman pictures look a bit darker than the other pictures, is he that dark or is it the pictures? I've just started doing some basing myself, but the one I've posted was quick and simple- some spackle, and some gravel and woodland scenics "grass" with elmer's glue to hold it together. If you pick up basing as quickly as you have painting, your minis will really shine in no time. (It took me dozens of minis to get where I am and yours already look better!) "Try it you'll like it."

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Thanks everyone!


Yes, the Orc is actually quite a bit darker and less saturated than the others. I need to get some gravel. I have heard that a mix of sizes is a good idea.


I have been fighting to keep May 15-18 free! I will definitely be at ReaperCon if at all possible.

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Nice work! The middle 2 are both excellent, though the redhead is probably the best. The NMM gold is very nicely done, as are the skin tones for #2 & #3. Did you go for a stubbled chin for #2 - it looks like it, though it may just be the lighting. Either way, it looks good.

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